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This feline finds fun and facts.
She'll toss in some books & photos too!

... about me

Tash 'Welcome' PictureHello. . . I am Tashie and I am delighted you have come by.

I absolutely love having my picture taken and reading books. Oh, yes, I do. There is much to share with you.

Do you have affection for felines? Think cats are cool...

The Tash Gallery is open daily midnight to midnight. With just one visit you'll become an aficionado (an enthusiast, devotee, fan; a passionate admirer) of me.

I only take catnaps; I won't miss your visit. I will share more than just my cat photos! Make this your stepping stone to see the world.

It is easy to frame a kitty. You'll be able to select your favorite cat photos at Poster Alley. However, there is more than paw prints here. As an affiliate with Allposters I have over 60,000 prints that can be mounted or laminated.

I have gathered my favorites in the Tulip Gallery where you can view 'tulips in a row' by Jeff Milstein. Buy Tulips at AllPosters.com

There's a cat, a clue, and a review... Books are for you.

I love mysteries. A monthly mystery review of the books I've read I'll share with you. Did you get the book clue for the next review?

Do you know books are your best buy?
Come by and you'll learn 3 reasons why...

... my family

Tash 'Beauty' (more than just a pretty face) Picture

My owner Melanie (aka Me! Mom) loves me a lot. She is my nutrition and skincare consultant; This is why I am so beautiful. Yet, I am much more than just a pretty face!

Anyway, Me! Mom has recently graduated from ITT Technical Institute (March 2006) with a multimedia degree. For her final multimedia project she designed, created, and presented www.eGames4you.com featuring my little sister Kaylie, Uncle Bullet, and me.

Yes, I need to acknowledge my little sister Kaylie. She is a rambunctious rascal. You'll get to know her better; she helps me with Tash Tales where we share tiny tidbits (choice morsels) of our conversations.

... my work

Although modeling and being a webmistress keeps me busy, I take time to help you stay connected.

Keep in touch with friends and family at the Tash Post.

I am postmistress of a cyber post office - which includes Tash ePostcards as a free service. Create and send your email postcards today.

In a hurry? There is a link for Nice Cards or 123 Greetings. This is a quick, convenient, and thoughtful way to say "Get Well.", "I am thinking of you.", or "Thank you."

... whatever else

At this moment I can not think of anything else! So, I thank you for visiting. Please return to top of page , then paw a link and explore my world. -OR- Continue on and visit my Tash Gallery.


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